Privacy Policy


BOSKY respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy provides succinctly the manner your data is collected and used by our website. You are advised to please read the Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing the services provided by you agree to the collection and use of your data by the website in the manner provided in this Privacy Policy.

We want you to
* feel comfortable using our website.
* feel secure submitting information to us.
* contact us with your questions or concerns about privacy on this site.
* know that by using our site you are consenting to the collection of certain data.

We may collect the following personally identifiable information about you:
* Name including first and last name.
* Alternate email address.
* Mobile phone number and contact details.
* ZIP/Postal code.
* Financial information (like account or credit card numbers); and
* Opinions of features on our websites.
* Other information as per our registration process.