Bosky has a rare passion for all things bright, cheerful and happy. She’s the quintessential optimist. Never looking at the clouds, only the silver lining.

And she takes that exuberance with her everywhere she goes. So when she joined the most prestigious Design College in Mumbai, she enthusiastically immersed herself into the world of art, design and craft.

After her education, Bosky joined India’s leading Advertising Agency as an Art Director. And while commuting to work on one particularly grey, dull monsoon day, Bosky realized how almost everyone around her carried umbrellas that were plain, typical and bland – just like the weather.

She felt an umbrella could (and should) change a grey day into a colourful and happy one.

It should make you feel sunny. It should leave you beaming. It should make you want to sing in the rain! And so she began to design umbrellas that would do just that. So when you step out on a dull, dreary, rainy day, your world is as cheerful as a rainbow.

Today, Bosky wishes to spread her cheer on more than just umbrellas. She wants to add joy to your day in as many ways as she can. Which is why in the coming time, one shall see more products from BOSKY.

Here’s to happy days. By Bosky.